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Msp-DataCenter™ Applications

Run the applications you need on msp-DataCenter™. The platform supports the most popular Microsoft applications and a whole lot more too. Essentially, if an application runs on an on-premise server or network, it can run in Msp-Data Center.




Why choose a cloud service based on Msp-DataCenter™?
Choose to move parts of your IT infrastructure, or the whole thing, to the cloud. With Msp-DataCenter™, we can host:
Specific functions, such as backup Applications, such as Microsoft Exchange Operations, such as website services. Your entire IT infrastructure
Get the security your business needs to work in the cloud. You’ll get technology that protects your business and links your on-premise and hosted operations, including:
Virtual local area networks 
Virtual private networks
Pay for what you need, for as long as you need it. Our subscription payment options mean there’s:
No capital expenditure 
No hidden charges 
Just a transparent fee 
Download more information [link to download page] on Msp-DataCenter™
, or call us to find out how your business could benefit from cloud computing.
Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
Host applications, databases, IT services or even just websites on our high-performance virtual private servers. Built using Microsoft's Dynamic DataCenter and Hyper-V technology, our virtual private servers adapt to the changing needs of your business.
Dedicated Servers
Take control of fast and reliable hardware that's dedicated to your business. Configure a dedicated server with the hardware, software and operating system you want.
Network Services
Get the critical network components you need to take advantage of cloud services with Msp-DataCenter™. 
We can also provide your datacenter with power management.


Popular applications our customers run include:


Microsoft Exchange

Our partners can provide you with a resilient, hosted Microsoft Exchange platform that can scale to suit your business needs.


Microsoft SharePoint

Our partners can help you increase productivity and save time and money with Microsoft SharePoint. You can consolidate intranet, extranet and websites onto a single, hosted platform in Msp-DataCenter™ using SharePoint 2010.


Microsoft Dynamics

Our partners can help you connect with your customers better with a hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM service. You’ll also get more insight into your company’s performance. The service is available from msp-DataCenter™.


And many more...

You can run pretty much any application in the cloud*. With msp-DataCenter™, you get a secure cloud infrastructure that is suitable for almost every business need.


Want to run your applications in the cloud? 


Virtual Servers

Network Servers

Dedicated Servers

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